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Structural Empowerment

SM-UCLA Structural Empowerment Council 2014 - 2015

"Give me a lever and place to stand, and I will move the world." ~ Archimedes

Meeting time: 1st Monday of every month, 7:45 - 9:45 AM 

Location:  SM Boardroom

Chair: Nicole Oswell, RN, CCRN

Co-Chair: Katie Palfrey, RN

The Structural Empowerment (SE) Council will be tasked with ensuring that effective structures, processes and policies are in place to empower nurses and cultivate a strong professional practice. The SE Council is also responsible for fostering relationship and partnerships across the health care continuum and promoting a positive of image of nursing.

Members are the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO); one UD and one CNS; Designated direct-care nurses from all units and levels of nursing

Additional Ad hoc Members:

  • Marketing
  • UCLA SON Liaison
  • Physician rep.
  • HR rep.

Key Documents and Meeting Minutes

Community Outreach Resources:

SM Resource Packet

Volunteer Directory




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