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UCLA Department of Nursing


New Knowledge Innovation and Improvements

Meeting time:  3rd Tuesday of every month from 12:00-2:00pm in Conference Room 3

Chair:  Neal Ketchum, RN, BSN, CNII

Co-Chair: Angeline Latchman, RN, BSN

"You can make mistakes, but you are not a failure until you blame others for those mistakes."

                                                     -John Wooden 

As a profession, nursing has evolved from a largely tasked-based profession to a knowledge-based and scientific profession (Evans & Donnelly, 2006). Nursing practiced from a scientific and evidenced-based approach results in more effective care and better outcomes for our patients. Organizations who are on the Magnet® journey are expected to continue to advance the practice and profession of nursing and contribute to the Science of Nursing through New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements.

The New Knowledge and Innovations Council focuses on the following:

  • Strengthening SMUCLA's structure for evidence-based practice
  • Building nursing research capacity at SMUCLA
  • Developing innovations in nursing practice

What's Happening: Access meeting minutes and materials discussed at past New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Meetings (Click here) 

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