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Spring 2016 Session Content

The UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ at UCLA Health

Residency Session Details (Spring 2016) - Session topics, objectives, location, times/dates, and faculty

Resident Master Schedule (All Sessions) - Confirmed registration for all residents in the program

Nurse Residency Program Overview (October 2016) - Jessica Phillips, Nurse Residency Program Coordinator, RN, MSN, BCHPCN

The Journey of Your First Year Begins (October 2016) - Jessica Phillips, Nurse Residency Program Coordinator, RN, MSN, BCHPCN

Self-Care Stress Management (June 2016) - Robert Jakayla (BJ)

Crucial Conversations (July 2016) - Jessica Phillips, (Tammy Ziemba, Amy Abrams, Parivash Akhavan, Megan Sitrin)

Conflict Resolution (July 2016) - Nan Levine-Mann

Evidence Based Practice (August 2016) - Dr. Pamela Miller, Director of Research and Evidence Based Practice

Patient Education, Evidence Based Infection Control (September 2016) - Rose Healy, Laurie Reyen

Change in Patient Condition/Mock Code (October 2016) - Ken Miller

Evidence Based Skin Care, Medication Administration, Fall Prevention (November 2016) - Tak Tiensawang, Tina Mamais, Rose Healy

Fall Injury Prevention (November 2016) - Catherine Walsh, Norma McNair

Risk Management (December 2016) - Margaret McGahern

Genetics (December 2016) - Dr. Nalo Hamilton

Pain Management, EOL, Ethics - (January 2017) - Edith O'Neil Page, Jeannie Meyer, Katherine Bronw-Saltzman

Professional Role Development (February 2017) - Maryann Sullivan-Ruda

EBP Project Guide (March 2017)

Evaluation Tools

Primary Preceptor Evaluation

Secondary Preceptor Evaluation







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