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UCLA awarded designation as National Magnet Hospital
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center designated
National Magnet Hospital

UCLA awarded designation as National Magnet Hospital
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica designated
National Magnet Hospital

RN/MD Rounding

In fall 2014, CMO Dr. Phil Levin and CNO Dr. Edith Matesic introduced formalized RN and MD Rounding to UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. Since its introduction a year ago, RNs and MDs have increasingly come together during bedside rounding to collaborate and involve their patients in plan of care discussions. Now going into its 2nd year, RN/MD rounding remains a priority with a mandatory Fiscal Year 2016 "service" goal to have a RN/MD/patient-developed goals written on the whiteboard at least 65 percent of the time.

To further foster collaboration between MDs, RNs, and patients, CMO Dr. Levin and CNO Dr. Matesic are introducing the RN/MD rounding mnemonic "T.E.A.M." to standardize the RN/MD rounding process. The mnemonic will serve as an easily identifiable reminder for our health care team to actively involve patients in setting daily goals, and discussing early mobility with fall prevention, avoiding infections primarily CAUTI and CLABSI, and setting realistic expectations for pain management. Also while covering "T.E.A.M.", RNs should use teach back to ensure patients have heard and understood the information presented to them.

  • Tell me your goal
  • Early mobility/fall prevention
  • Avoid infections
  • Manage pain 

About RN/MD Rounding

When RN/MD rounding was reestablished at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, the goal was to increase collaboration between RNs, MDs, and patients to improve patient safety and outcomes. There has been an increase in collaboration between RNs, MDs, and patients. The rollout of the T.E.A.M. is meant to standardize the conversation and focus on high risk areas of patient care. Among the areas of importance are to reduce falls, avoid infections, manage pain, and reduce lengths of stay and readmissions. The rounding mnemonic "T.E.A.M." was created with National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®) in mind, paying specific attention to the data reported by UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, to Magnet®.


RN/MD rounding videos have been produced to demonstrate the adverse effects of RNs and MDs rounding separating, and the impact standardized, formal RN/MD rounding can have on RNs, MDs, and patients with regards to understanding plan of care and patient safety. 

MD/RN Bedside Rounding - Collaborative Communication & Team for Safe Care


Press Ganey Multidisciplinary Rounds captures summaries of recent peer-reviewed studies and articles that describe the impact of multidisciplinary rounds on the patient experience, workforce engagement, patient safety, quality, and outcomes.

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