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PRD Materials

UCLA awarded designation as National Magnet Hospital
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center designated
National Magnet Hospital

UCLA awarded designation as National Magnet Hospital
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica designated
National Magnet Hospital

PRD Materials


This strategic initiative will assist us in promoting Role-Based Practice. The first step on this path is for participants to complete pre-reading prior to each day of class.

While the classes are mandatory, the readings are recommended. The CEUs for the program are only given to those who complete all of the out-of-class assignments as well as attend each of the three days.

Homework is provided below, as well as in your folders which you will receive on Day 1 of your program. It is important that you bring your folders back with you to Days 2 and 3 of the program. Below is a list of homework and expectations for each day of the program:

Day 1:

Day 2:

  • Application of Models: Come to the session prepared with an exemplar of how (a) patient outcome(s) improved based on the learning from Day 1
  • Make sure to reach out to a coach/champion to have a session before Day 2. If you have not yet had your coach/champion follow-up session, or have any questions about who your coach/champion is, please contact your unit director as soon as possible.
  • Day 2 Reading

  • Day 2 Reading Assignment

Day 3:

  • Handover Observation: Complete a Handover Observation with the new tool (located in your folder received on Day 1) and bring it with you to class.
  • Application of Learning: Come to Day 3 prepared with an exemplar of how you gave or received feedback with a colleague.
  • Coaching Assignments: If you have not already done so, be sure to make arrangements to meet with your coach before Day 3.
  • Day 3 Reading
  • Day 3 Reading Assignment

Program Folder Materials

You will receive a folder the first day of class. Please rememeber to bring this folder with you on Days 2 and 3 of the program. All folder materials are also located below for your convenience:

Folder Cover Page Homework - Day 2 Article: The Future of Nursing
Table of Contents Homework-Day 2 Readings Handover Tool
Contacts Homework - Day 3 Handover Tool w/Ref. Guide
UCLA PRD Overview Homework - Day 3 Readings PRDG with Benner Scale
Summary of Program Assignments O'Rourke Prof. Practice Models Heart Math / C.O.I.L.S. Method
Homework - Day 1 Codes and Standards Crucial Conversations Planner
Homework - Day 1 Readings CA NPA (with space) Practice Act and Titles 16 and 22
Coaching Sessions Bookmarks  
Day 1 PowerPoint Presentation Day 2 PowerPoint Presentation  





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