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Abstract Submission Formats

Call for Abstracts 2016
Quality Improvement Submission Format   Evidence-Based Practice Abstract Submission Format
  • Background: Statement of the problem; review of the literature.
  • Methodology and Plan: Describe use of PI/QI method (e.g. Lean, PDCA, Six Sigma) with identified and measurable outcomes or goals.
  • Implementation: Fully define the "who, what, when, where and how" of the project implementation.
  • Outcomes: Description of measurable outcomes achieved.
  • Conclusions: Overview of project and outcomes, how it impacts clinical practice and/or patient outcomes. Discuss plans for expansion or revision of project.
  • Background: A short summary of the issue(s), problem, or specific clinical challenges or controversy, with relevant background and contextual information. Briefly discuss the research literature that supports this project. Strength of evidence for practice change reflected in abstract.
  • EBP Question/Purpose: EBP Question or clear statement of goal of project is described.
  • Methods: Project description of the practice change, clinical intervention(s), analysis plan or criteria used to guide evaluation of change. Include implementation strategies to describe how the changes were made.
  • Results: Lessons Learned: A brief description of the findings and/or lessons learned as a result of the project.
  • Conclusions: A brief description of recommended position or approach, or specific recommendations related to the original problem or question(s) identified.
 Research Abstract Submission Format   Nursing Evidence-Based Practice
  • Background: Statement of the problem.
  • Purpose/Aim: Research questions or hypothesis.
  • Methods: Study design, including a description of sample, procedures, measures, and appropriate statistical analyses.
  • Results: Specific results in summary form.
  • Conclusions/Implications for Practice: Major findings are presented with interpretation / Implications for management and clinical practice.

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