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Nursing Specialties

UCLA Dept of Nursing: Leadership opportunities.There are many ways to make a difference.

At UCLA Health, excellence comes in many forms. The success of our collaborative health system relies on exceptional leaders across the continuum of care, including nursing. UCLA Health provides a broad spectrum of advanced leadership opportunities in nursing. Depending on the scope of service, opportunities range from Executive Leadership to the point of care. No matter where your interest lies, one thing is for sure: you will make a difference.

Executive Leadership

This is an executive position that operates at the organizational or department level to achieve the strategic goals of the health system. A candidate can successfully manage a complex set of responsibilities-including plans, operating budgets, and personnel teams in a high-profile operation. Master's degree required.


Every unit or service area has a Director who executes health system strategic goals in alignment with department/unit goals. These positions include the responsibilities of assessment, planning and evaluating staffing, nursing care, budgets, human resource practices, and unit management. Master's degree required.

Admin Nurse II / Assistant Unit Director

In collaboration with unit leadership, this role provides leadership and direction to achieve goals of the patient care unit such as budgeting, staffing, patient safety, quality improvement, environment of care, and daily operations. Bachelor's degree required and Master's degree preferred.

Admin Nurse II / Educator

UCLA is committed to advanced learning. As a result, the AN II Educator role assesses staff and patient education needs at the unit-level and responds with formal teaching and educational programs. Bachelor's degree required and Master's degree preferred.

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