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UCLA awarded designation as National Magnet Hospital
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center designated
National Magnet Hospital

UCLA awarded designation as National Magnet Hospital
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica designated
National Magnet Hospital

Magnet Exemplars

The Basics: UCLA Health Magnet® Exemplars

Magnet® exemplars are stories that highlight excellence in nursing practice. This performance driven credential requires UCLA Health to showcase the contributions of nurses to high quality and patient centered care and to demonstrate that UCLA Health supports the professional development of nurses across the system. While the requirements transform over time, below is a list of the types of exemplars that highlight nursing excellence at UCLA Health.


Transformational Leadership - These examples that demonstrate the Chief Nursing Officer, nurse leaders and clinical nurses are involved in strategic planning, advocacy and decision making.

  • Stories include those related to clinical nurses and nurse leaders advocating for resources that support organizational goals, managing expected/unexpected change, using trended data to support care-delivery systems and nurse leaders using input from clinical nurses to influence organizational change.

Structural Empowerment - These examples demonstrates nurses are involved in decisions at the organizational level and that the organization supports nursing professional development and community health outreach.

  • Stories include those related to changes based on nurse participation in professional organizations, orienting/precepting of new and experienced nurses, improving certification rates and examples of clinical nurses involved in inter-disciplinary decision making at the organizational level.

Exemplary Professional Practice - Examples of Exemplary Professional Practice demonstrate that nurses provide patient-centered, evidence-based, efficient and effective patient care.

  • Stories include those that highlight a unique/individualized Plan of care, inter-disciplinary care coordination/continuity of care, incorporating internal/external experts or regulatory/specialty guidelines into the care delivery system or clinical practice, improving patient outcomes and those stories related to a specific ethical situation.

New Knowledge and Innovations - These examples highlight the organizations support of nursing research, evidence-based practice and innovations.

  • Stories include those that demonstrate nurses conducting IRB approved research, dissemination of knowledge to internal and external audiences and nurses contributing to the innovation of new processes or the use of new technology to improve patient care or the care delivery process.

Empirical Outcomes - are examples of any type of exemplar which show that nursing improvement efforts resulted in improvements with measurable outcomes.

  • These stories require at least one pre-intervention data point and three post intervention data points. 


Revised 5/2016

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