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UCLA Department of Nursing


Ambulatory Care/Procedure Services

We turn rare into routine.

UCLA is truly setting standards in the field of transplant service. Our pursuit of new techniques and medicines allows us to successfully treat rare and difficult cases, while continuing to advance the medical and nursing field. This means thousands of lives have been saved, and with our unwavering dedication, we can continue to save thousands more.


Outpatient Clinics

With over 100 different outpatient specialty clinics and nursing areas in the UCLA Health System, the opportunities for nursing practice are almost endless. These clinics provide a comprehensive array of treatments and clinical centers, addressing topics from Internal Medicine, Vascular, Cardiology, Transplant, Oncology, Neurology, Heart Failure, Dermatology, AIDS, Neurosciences, Women's Health, Geriatrics, and Plastic Surgery. The clinics provide dozens of treatments such as Outpatient Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Chemotherapy and Radiation, Nuclear Medicine, Hemepharesis, and Eye Care.

Transplant Services

For over 20 years, UCLA Health System has been a vanguard in transplant therapy. We routinely accept the kind of patients most programs are not equipped to handle. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center encompasses one of the largest transplant centers in the world. Today, we manage some of the busiest, most advanced organ transplant programs anywhere. The heart and lung transplantation programs at UCLA are among the top three in the world, and perform more liver transplants than any other hospital. Our broad spectrum of transplant therapy work includes:

  • Adult heart and lung
  • Pediatric heart
  • Adult/pediatric liver and small bowel
  • Adult kidney and pancreas
  • Pediatric kidney
  • Bone marrow
  • Hand
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