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Annual Competencies

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UCLA is committed to employing the most expert nursing staff. This involves remaining on the cutting-edge of knowledge and technology. On an annual basis, a team of nursing experts-including nursing management, Clinical Nurse Specialists and unit-based educators-carefully evaluate the unit-based learning needs and competencies of staff. A structured program, comprised of lectures, hands-on training and evaluation, is provided to ensure that direct care nurses are performing at the highest level necessary to provide safe and effective patient care. Annual competencies will include 'general' patient care topics, such as central venous line care and blood administration and unit-specific topics such as hemodynamic monitoring. Training on new technologies, such as medication bar coding, is provided throughout the implementation period and may also be an annual competency. Annual competencies are held at orientation and once a year.

Nursing E-Learning Library

Accucheck2 Training

Adult Insulin Administration Training

Adult Restraint Training

Age Specific Training - Licensed Staff (RN and LVN)

Age Specific Training - Non-Licensed Staff (CCP, ACCP, EMT, ER)

All Can Prevent A Fall

Annual EKG Competency

Annual Nursing Department Test

Annual Stroke Training

Annual Chemotherapy Training (Chemo Verified RNs Only)

Anyone Can Be An Ally

Call Bell Training for Med/Surg

Call Bell - ICU Training

Call Bell - Response Training - Video Only Training

Capnography Learning Module for Procedural Sedation

CAUTI Maintenance Quality Outcomes Training CP

CAUTI Maintenance Quality Outcomes Training RN

Central Venous Catheter Care Training (RN's Only)

Clinical Care Partners - Role In Safety

Emergency Department Disaster Response Training

Essential Elements of Patient Safety

HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training for New Workforce Members

Improving Patient Experience Through Communication About Medication

Laser Safety Training

MedSled Training

Neptune User Training

Oxygen Enriched Environment Training - OR Fire Safety

Pain Management Training


Safe Patient Handling Training

Security Education

Sepsis Training

Stroke Training for Emergency Department

UCLA Bariatric Inservices

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