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Staff Nurse Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship

Champions of Change

The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Fellowship is a 12 month, intensive mentorship program in which staff nurses develop their clinical, leadership, problem-solving, and research utilization skills.

Staff nurses identify a clinical practice issue that is solved by applying the latest evidence and research into practice. The program blends staff nurses' clinical knowledge and expertise with classes on research and other levels of evidence, guideline development, and the change process.

The Fellows are mentored in the development, implementation and evaluation of EBP projects by the Director of Research and Evidence-Based Practice, and the Coordinator of the Fellowship Program, both doctorally prepared researchers and clinicians, and a clinical nurse specialist or educator with expertise in the Fellow's area of practice.

Staff nurses receive support throughout the process of integrating evidence-based practice into delivery of care. Unit leaders partner with the Fellow to create an environment that encourages learning and innovation. Clinical and administrative leadership validate the worth of the Fellow's activities, support implementation of the practice change and provide opportunities to share activities with the staff. Professional growth and development empowers these nurses to become champions of change.

The benefits of the Fellowship are multiple, but the single most important is the benefit it offers our patients to receive quality, evidence-based care.


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